Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Being pretty low on energy after work lately, I've been watching waaay too much TV, so I decided I need a 'lap project' I can work on. With winter on its way, knitting seemed like the perfect craft to pick up. So, armed with some yarn, new needles, and a few books from the library, I gave it a try. Somehow, I was able to decipher the instructions and diagrams well enough to cast on, but now I'm stuck! I'll probably give it another shot later since I haven't explored any online resources that might help.

The two books I picked up at the library have been nice to look at, even if I can't follow their directions! One is this Debbie Bliss book, which has gorgeous pictures and projects including the scarf (aka long rectangle) I'm attempting. The other is a book written by Tracey Ullman and a yarn store owner. The projects are way above my head, but I'm enjoying their commentary. One piece of advice I read was to choose needles and yarn that you'll love to work with, and they were so right! I have a feeling (if the knitting goes at all like the casting on!) that I'll be working/attempting to knit with these supplies for a long time:)


  1. You've actually learned the hard part already. Never fear, there are a ton of great resources to help you out and many are online.

    Knitting Help (www.knittinghelp.com) has a lot of little videos if you are a visual learner.

    You'll see that there are two ways to knit - continental (or picking) and English (or throwing). I learned to knit English style but later switched to continental which seems more intuitive for me. Some of us are pickers and some of us are throwers but they produce the same result.

    As far as commentary on knitting goes, I think the funniest comes from the Yarn Harlot (Stephanie Pearl-McPhee) who has written several books and blogs at http://www.yarnharlot.ca/blog.

    Hope that helps

  2. I actually learned to knit from a DVD. Two years later, I wanted to pick it back up, but had forgotten everything. I looked up some videos on youtube, and that really helped me out.

    An impractical, but easy pattern idea here. I made one last winter, and plan to make a few more this year.

  3. I just learned to knit from a book too! Try Stitch N' Bitch! The author has a really great way of explaining those beginning stitches. I love her explanation of binding off being like leap frog. Hehe.

    Shoot me an email if you want and maybe I can help. :D

  4. I see someone already told you about knitting help. The lady is so soothing - I love the fact that she'll show me how to do something 67 times without ever sounding irritated!

  5. hey kayla:
    i've been knitting too with my movie watching. i don't know if you knew this already but in your area there is a knitting store: http://store.knitwitzinc.com/
    so you could ask for help there. they are nice and have some good yarn, and it is right next to that decent asian grocery. good luck!

  6. I learned from Yarngirls Guide to Simple Knits. It worked well and was able to tackle a few of their projects.
    You have to have a quiet house, no distractions at all! Not even the TV, you'll get it.

  7. Good luck! I took a class one summer and it really cleared things up for me. I'm usually a book learner too.


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