Sunday, October 19, 2008

sunday stash

Lately I've been wishing/wanting/needing to be more present here on this blog, but it's just not happening. Which makes me wonder where I should go with this 'project'. Today, I saw that Beth is feeling the same way.

With a great fabric stash post idea found through Celestina Carmen, I decided to post my own. I love my fabrics so much, and while some are just fabric store finds, a lot have a story that makes me love them as much as the pattern.

So this is a fabric given to me by Tiffany, a blog friend who became a real-life friend. I love the fuchsia and teal, and I don't know exactly what kind of fiber this is, but it's sort of gauzy. This fabric has made its way into lots of projects, including the birds and my cork boards. I miss working with Tiffany, but I'm so glad she made it back to Japan!

Work and life are super busy + tiring these days, but I'm hoping for a reprieve soon so that I can get back to the things I miss: sewing, going to the library, working in the garden, and blogging!


  1. I know exactly what you mean! My poor blog is going to be temporarily abandoned for a short time while I get an handle on my work-work. I can't wait til Xmas! I get a 2 week break!

  2. It is widely know that I would sell myself for fabric.
    It's ok to take a blogging break now and then, just don't abandon us altogether. ;-)

  3. It is gorgeous indeed, wonderful design and colours. I haven't sewn anything for ages, but still love just going through my fabric stash and imagining the possibilities.

  4. hey kayla:
    i'm glad you are enjoying the fabric. i know how hard it is to balance your teaching life with the craftiness you present to us on the blog. just think, December is fast upon us and with it, a semester break. you know, so you have plenty of time to, um, prepare for the next semester. ;)
    take it easy, kayla.

  5. This fabric is super super cute. I could think of a dozen projects it would work well for....thanks for sharing.


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