Thursday, October 30, 2008

severed finger

For the last few years, I've been making these severed finger cookies for the Halloween party we have for our students. Some of the students were so disturbed by how the cookies looked that they wouldn't eat them! Yesterday's party was probably the best yet. It's so much fun to see these students who don't have a dress-up tradition in their cultures let loose for a day. We had a joker, a bride, several vampires, a prisoner--so much fun!! ( I was Japanese for the day.)

Happy Halloween!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

sunday stash

Lately I've been wishing/wanting/needing to be more present here on this blog, but it's just not happening. Which makes me wonder where I should go with this 'project'. Today, I saw that Beth is feeling the same way.

With a great fabric stash post idea found through Celestina Carmen, I decided to post my own. I love my fabrics so much, and while some are just fabric store finds, a lot have a story that makes me love them as much as the pattern.

So this is a fabric given to me by Tiffany, a blog friend who became a real-life friend. I love the fuchsia and teal, and I don't know exactly what kind of fiber this is, but it's sort of gauzy. This fabric has made its way into lots of projects, including the birds and my cork boards. I miss working with Tiffany, but I'm so glad she made it back to Japan!

Work and life are super busy + tiring these days, but I'm hoping for a reprieve soon so that I can get back to the things I miss: sewing, going to the library, working in the garden, and blogging!