Monday, September 29, 2008

sweet birds

As I'd hoped, I was able to get in some sewing this weekend, and it was on birds for a mobile made from the pattern at spool sewing. These might not look exactly like my kind of fabric choices--way more pink than I normally do--and that's because a friend and I worked on them for her sister's new baby's nursery. They'll assemble the mobile when she visits in a few weeks.

I think they turned out really sweet as a set, and I love how there are some surprises on a few of the bellies. Next up, a set of birds--not in pastels!-- for me.

Friday, September 26, 2008

i'm back (i think)

It feels like I'm posting again for the very first time. Hard to find the right photo and state of mind, but I have to get back into this. I just haven't been feeling like myself lately. And what's missing? The creativity. So, I'm back to the sewing machine this weekend to work on this super-cute bird mobile project.

The planter above is from greenware design. They were at the craft fair I did last November in Savannah. That seems like ages ago now.

Did you know yesterday was Teachers Day? I didn't, until I got the sweetest of notes from a student I've become close to. That, and a few other little things have happened this week to remind me how meaningful my job is. Just what I needed to climb out of this rut.

I hope to be back very soon with evidence of creative progress!