Saturday, August 23, 2008

Thai fabric bag

Here's something I wrote Thursday. The weather is much more calm and dry today--I guess it's time to start cleaning up!

So it took the power going out before I finally returned to blogging. I've been busy, enjoying the summer, doing lots of things worth blogging about, but just never finding the time or energy to actually do it. But with an unexpected day off work (because of tropical storm Fay), and not much else to do, I've found my way back (well, at least until my laptop's battery runs out!)

It took me forever to finish this bag made from the fabric my former student brought me from Thailand (thank you, Paysie!), but I finally had a few got-to-sew mornings-- waking up with a plan of how to attack the zipper or strap. Does that ever happen to you--you kind of figure out the logistics of a project in your sleep and wake up knowing exactly how to make it work? I love it. I wanted this bag to be perfect, so I really took my time and did it right. I even learned how to install a welt pocket. Here's the tutorial I used.

The real push was finishing the bag while it's still summer, and I did. Now I'm starting to think about a more fall-ish type project since that's probably when I'll get around to finishing it. Man, I could have really made some progress today if my sewing machine didn't need electricity!

I was able to do some sewing yesterday--we had power all day. What a luxury! I'll be back soon with more of what I've been working on.