Sunday, July 20, 2008

new favorites

I ate a lot of those white bean and avocado club sandwiches after I discovered them, but now I'm on to a new favorite. Now, I'm quite picky about my sandwich bread--it has to be pretty substantial, so regular sliced bread doesn't work for me. I discovered new ciabattas on the bread aisle recently--not as good as fresh-baked, but really great toasted. The bread, spread with my pesto+mayo and filled with veggies makes an unbelievably delicious combination. This week, the veggies are zucchini (of course), bean sprouts, and asian cucumbers.

And my other new love--my birthday gift from E. I dropped some pretty big hints, but I'm still impressed that he got the exact style and color I wanted. It's made of navy blue super-soft glazed fabric, and it's from crystalyn kae, found through not martha.


  1. Yum, you always have the most delicious and inspiringly healthy food ideas!

  2. Oh, I love her bags! Especially the pleated versions with contrasting fabric. Too, too pretty.

  3. The sandwich looks delicious!


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