Sunday, July 27, 2008

blueberry cheesecake ice cream

So far, this summer has been full of real food: fresh veggies and fruit, homemade bread and pizza crust, farm fresh cheeses, and now, real ice cream. On a whim, we bought an ice cream maker last weekend, this cuisinart model that seems to be very popular. The first batch I made was chocolate cinnamon gelato--this recipe minus the toffee. And yesterday I made this blueberry cheesecake ice cream, from this Cooking Light recipe (halved, but with less than 3/4c sugar). The natural color of the blueberries is amazing, and the creaminess that the cream cheese adds is a nice first-bite surprise.

I first got really inspired by Jamie Oliver's new show Jamie at Home. Oh, he cracks me up! He makes cooking real food from scratch look so effortless. And it is so worth the time, and actually I spend less time shopping for food, and more time enjoying experimenting in the kitchen. Thank goodness I have a guy who doesn't mind doing dishes!


  1. this looks so so good, kayla! i am going to have to press the ice cream maker into use when i go to FL next week :) it looks like you have been having such a lovely summer!

  2. That icecream looks delicious and sounds like it might not be too wicked - yum!

  3. that does really look oishii, kayla. you must be very busy these days; i keep checking back here only to be confronted with a project that makes me very jealous of you. we don't even have cheese or real butter on the island. not even the weird plastic cheese.
    i am so glad that you found so many resources in ne florida. enjoy the fresh cheese for us. :)

  4. Oh - I'm a big Jamie fan! He's just great. And he has really made an effort to bring good, healthy food to children's schools in the UK.

    Your icecream photo is making me hungry..... : D


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