Sunday, June 8, 2008

farm fresh

Do you ever get so excited about something that you get way ahead of yourself in planning/dreaming? My brain is so full of ideas after visiting two different farms this weekend. I've got way too much to figure out--I can't believe I've got to go back to work tomorrow! I guess that gives me five days to decide exactly what's feasible and what will have to wait.

So the first farm was a pick-your-own blueberries operation. It was a picture perfect little farm. I keep meaning to plant my own blueberry bushes during the winter. It has to happen this year!

We picked 4 pounds, which should last a while. Can't wait to taste the blueberry pie. The first time I made this one, I deemed it 'the best thing I've ever made' and I still don't think it's been topped.

The other visit was for a bbq and tour of our CSA farm. It's run by a friendly couple--she's all about the animals--mostly goats and chickens--and he takes care of the veggies. If the CSA selections are like what we ate today, I'll be in heaven!

If I didn't have to work tomorrow, I might start ripping up the grass to farm the front and back yards:) So it's probably best that my enthusiasm has a work week to be reigned in.


  1. i'm so happy you found a csa. magnolia farms has visited the farmer's market here in fernandina a few times and we were always happy with their products. and i think i will have to take the family out this year to pick our own blueberries, as they are the one food i definitely missed in japan. and yes to your idea of turning your yards into a garden. that would be so gorgeous (though time consuming). there are a few segments on treehugger tv about doing just that that might inspire you some more.

  2. Those blueberries look yummy! I can't wait to plant our own, too.

    I'm glad you had a great time visiting those farms, as well.
    I spent the last weekend visiting 11 local farms for the East Mountain Fiber and Studio Tour.
    Enjoyed seeing all those wolly animals the best, though.

    "Laughing Orca Ranch"

  3. yum!! fresh-picked blueberries are my favorite. it was a birthday tradition for me + e for a few years to go and fill up our bags and make blueberry sorbet, blueberry pancakes, blueberry smoothies... :) i can't wait to find a pick-your-own up here. xox


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