Wednesday, May 28, 2008

tech success

A recent goal of mine has been to learn to create digital illustrations and patterns of my own. I love fabrics like these, and I feel so inspired to create something of my own. However, it's not easy! I'm using photoshop for the first time, and I'm realizing how hard it is to learn new technology. I get so frustrated, and when I finally do figure something out, I wish there was some way to 'save' the process in my brain, because I know I'm just going to forget it.

But I did make some headway this weekend after seeing that spoonflower has begun printing custom fabric. And I love all of Wendy's designs over at dozi. Have you seen her new shop? Truly inspiring. Anyway, I pushed myself to complete something that I was happy with, and this is it. At first I wanted it to be a large scale pattern, but tried it several different ways and ended up with this. I like how it turned out, but more importantly, I learn a lot about how to create shapes, and I gained some confidence in photoshop!

Now, on to try using some of my own pencil + paper drawings.


  1. I need to hole myself away for a weekend and start working on a design. I am so excited for Spoonflower.

    Keep at it, I havent started yet but I know it isnt easy!

  2. Creating patterns is tons of fun, but definitely takes quite a bit of fiddling around. You're doing great! Have you tried using Illustrator?

  3. Oh, and thanks so much for the kind words about my new shop! :)


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