Friday, May 23, 2008

last two

These are the last two of my good-for-you triple chocolate cookies. They're an Ellie Krieger recipe, so it's easy to focus on the whole wheat flour and low butter content and forget that they're actually dessert. I've eaten waaay to many!

That shop update that I promised hasn't happened because I'm taking my bags to an event at a natural foods market this weekend. And they've offered to sell my bags in the store, too!

Happy weekend!


  1. hey kayla:
    i knew your bags would go places. which store will carry them?
    have a good weekend! :)

  2. Congrats on the offer to sell them in the shop! That's very cool and very deserved.

  3. Yummy!

    Congrats on the marketing for your bags. I know they'll do well!


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