Monday, May 5, 2008

garden status check

Surprisingly, my winter crops of kale and romaine lettuce are still going strong, even in 80 degree weather. The romaine keeps growing, although it never gets past 'baby romaine' size, and it has a nice bitter, fresh-from-the-garden taste. Probably my most successful gardening try yet!

In the summer garden: tomatoes, peppers, and sweet potatoes. I was so happy to find sweet potato plants at Lowe's. I sprouted my own sweet potatoes last summer, but never saw any potatoes grow. I have high hopes, and I see the first blossom on a tomato plant! It's almost time for panzanella!

For inspiration to make some positive changes, including planting a garden, read this article: Why Bother? by Michael Pollan.

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  1. What wonderful photos, those veggies look so fresh and green. I have been meaning to start a veggie patch forever, and this is so inspiring. It is getting colder here now, so I think I've missed planting for this year, but it would be a good time to get the soil all ready for spring.


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