Saturday, April 12, 2008

it's back!

With so much time away from my work room, it had really gotten messy and uninspiring. A bit of organization and cleaning brought back the creative energy that seemed to be blocked by all the clutter. One addition that took care of a stack of to-be-hung items is my new display wire. Just some floral wire and clips from Muji. From left to right: a print from Tiffany, my print, photos from my brother's wedding, card from E's sister, drawing from my friend's very artistic mom.

I've got so many ideas bouncing around in my head, like a new everyday bag--I'm thinking black canvas--and a beachy bag made from my Thai fabric. I've gathered some measurements and pattern ideas based on bags I saw at Old Navy and Target, and I made a small scale prototype for the Thai fabric bag. I'm happy with the design, but I want to put some pockets in the lining. I've found several tutorials, like this one at uhandblog, on installing zippered pockets, but I never use the zipper in bags that have it. Is there a way to do put one in without a zipper, or can I follow the tutorials and skip the zipper?

And I bought this panel of patterned linen from Ikea a couple months ago. It was pre-cut, about 2 yards rolled up there. It's a little sheer, but the colors would work in most of my house. I think it would look great as a window panel, but all the windows are covered (literally!). Any ideas?


  1. I use the Uhandblog zipper tutorial all the time. And it does work as a hidden slip pocket (sans zipper). If you are using light weight cotton, just make sure to use a hvy interfacing (like the tutorial suggests) or your pocket might sag (depending on how big the pocket is.) Can't wait to see the finished bag! So if all your windows are covered, does that mean you need to start upholstering the walls?

  2. Fun stuff. That's a great tutorial - thanks for sharing!

  3. Could you do pillows with the fabric?

  4. I love the wire for hanging all those inspiring pics, great idea. I love the linen fabric too, especially the combination of Japanese cherry blossoms and islamic lattices - two of my favourite designs! It would make lovely cushions, or perhaps some kind of wall panel/pinboard?

  5. I received my magnets on Friday! They're lovely. Thank you so much! Also, love that fabric from Ikea!


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