Monday, April 28, 2008

inside and out

Lately I can really identify with Rashida's wanting to take her sewing machine outside. The weather is so gorgeous that it just feels wrong to stay inside! So Saturday, Kobe and I hung out in the yard, and while the sewing machine doesn't travel so well, my sketchbook and seam ripper do! (I forgot to sew in my little tags when I was making these tissue pockets.)

Back inside, I am loving our new dining room paint color. It's actually the second color we bought for the room, but I'm so happy I pushed for the greyish brown. The other color will just have to go somewhere else in the house. And this no-VOC paint (in 'Natural Wilderness') goes on so smoothly, with some sheen that really shows the texture of our plaster walls.


  1. I really like that paint color. Not too warm, not too cool.. perfect :)

  2. I like that paint color, too! So crisp and elegant.

    Our dining room entryway is rounded at the top like yours : )

  3. Wow, I might just use that paint color in a room in my new house. Gorgeous!


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