Tuesday, April 29, 2008

as I like it

Yum. Since we just made yakisoba, we also had the ingredients for okonomiyaki, my favorite Japanese food. My cookbook calls it the "As You Like It Pancake", which I always find kind of funny. No maple syrup on this pancake! We didn't have any kewpie mayonnaise, so I just spread a little regular mayo and used okonomiyaki sauce, and that worked. The recipe book is a bilingual one we bought in Japan. It came in super handy in Japan when we had to ask someone in the supermarket where to find an ingredient--I could just point to the page and use my very limited Japanese to say "Where is this?"

I'm looking forward to eating more zaru soba in the coming months. I learned to love these cold noodles during the hot summer, but got out of the habit of making them. A zaru tray sure would make it fun!


  1. Looks good! Mmmmm....okonomiyummy is what I like to call it! ^_^ Too bad about the kewpie, that always helps the yummy factor. Think I'll have to go buy a copy of that book!

  2. Ooh, yum! I love Japanese food and am feeling much more in the mood for cooking lately - thanks for the soba recipe link, I'm definitely going to try it.


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