Monday, March 31, 2008

gone buggy, gone.

This weekend, I said goodbye to my 1965 Volkswagen. Our time together ended on a high note. I'll miss it, but it definitely feels like a weight lifted. Having a third car just felt excessive, so I was happy to find the right home for my buggy.

It was one of those weekends of many accomplishments. The piles of branches out by the street are evidence of our heavy pruning. I got through part of the azaleas and saw some bushes with a few blooms left, so I stopped. It was getting pretty hot anyway. This is the only shade of pink I can tolerate, and I love it!

The dining room also got a new coat of paint--natural wilderness, a grey-brown by freshaire.

I've got packing and planning to do, and then I'm off to NYC on Wednesday, with E to join me on Friday, his 30th birthday. I'd like to find some place special to eat, although I think he already has his taste buds set on Yoshinoya. See you next week!


  1. If you make your way out to Brooklyn, I definitely recommend Bliss (191 Bedford Ave), Roebling Tea Room (143 Roebling), or Pan-Asian Vegan (212 Bedford Ave). To me, the trendy parts of Brooklyn are the most fun.

  2. I love that car! My grampa had a very green one..and he hang a miniature potty trainning seat on the rear view mirror..AHaHA.. Everyone in town knew him.
    I loved it!

  3. I'm so impressed with your energy levels - tree pruning and painting and selling your beetle all in one weekend! Hope you have a great time in NY.


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