Wednesday, March 19, 2008

carb-y snack and supper

Wow. I am really a carboholic. First chocolate bread, and then dinner rolls. And I’ve eaten way too much of both. I’m really glad I put chocolate chips into the chocolate loaf, even if they’re not that evenly dispersed. They definitely turn it into a dessert (or breakfast!) food. And LeeAnn was so right—the 90 minute dinner rolls did not disappoint. E wasn’t too impressed by their name. “I mean, you can pop open a can and have fresh dinner rolls in waaay less than 90 minutes.” But then he ate 3 of them.

It’s nice to be off work and actually have energy to spend time in the kitchen because dinner was so good. Asparagus is in season and on sale. Yum.

Still working on those lists. For today: yard/garden work, laundry, and sewing! Hope you're having a good week.


  1. Ok, I am making that chocolate bread and the mango salsa! Yum1


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