Tuesday, February 12, 2008

sweet! potato bread

Every time I make bread recently, I vow to never try anything but no-knead bread ever again. But I keep seeing recipes and loaves that I think I can make myself. Not that I've failed miserably, I just wait and wait for it to rise and it never does, or I get half way through the recipe and then realize I don't have the right kind of flour. I wanted to make sourdough bread (my main reason for eating at Cracker Barrel), but discovered it takes days and days. Maybe my problem is that I can't just make a simple loaf of white or wheat.

Anyway, something finally went right. I turned to the bread machine for help. This sweet potato bread (basically white bread + sweet potato and brown sugar) turned out pretty good. Although the machine makes this super tall loaf.

Next up: chocolate no-knead bread.

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  1. Oh!!! Yummy!! I must try this. Do you have a recipe?

    I am having so much frustration trying to get my homemade bread to turn out, even in my breadmaker, because we live above 7,000 feet in the mountains.

    All of the high altitude recipe suggestions are for 3,500 feet.

    If you have any tips, please let me know!


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