Wednesday, February 20, 2008


A while back, maybe around the time of the craft fair, I decided that, in order to keep my art + craft from ever seeming like a chore, I should only 'work' when I feel inspired to. It's a hobby, not a job (and I have one of those), so it needs to stay fun. So I've been sewing when I feel like it, watching TV when I don't...doing my photoshop lessons when I want to, going outside when I don't. Until now. I'm stuck in a creative rut and that 'feel like it/want to' bit just isn't happening. I'm reading, looking, listening, feeling like I'm at the bottom of Bloom's taxonomy because the synthesizing and producing part just isn't coming. Maybe all this means that I'm absorbing inspiration, and the creativity will start to flow again when it feels like it. For now, I'll go back to waiting patiently, soaking it all in.

A pencil roll (sewn before the rut) to thank a friend for technology help. He's working on illustrations for a graphic novel--at least somebody's creative juices are flowing!

He always finds a warm spot, puts his face in the sun and sleeps.


  1. I know just how you feel. Making stuff to sell adds a whole new dimension to crafting, as does blogging. Somehow an element of competition or drive sets in and it can take something away from actually crafting, for me, anyway. When I feel like this I use the time to recharge my batteries, hang out with family or just give the dog a bit more deserved attention.
    Hope you are back in the swing of it soon. The pencil roll looks great.

  2. Your doggie photo needs to be printed in black and white and then framed!
    It evokes such a feeling of peacefulness and beauty.


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