Wednesday, February 6, 2008

boy bag

I almost forgot about a Christmas project (well, that turned into way before Christmas--I was too excited to wait), that I made for E. His things are constantly piled up on the counter where we plug in our cell phones. I've tried baskets, but they just get filled with papers, and the sunglasses, keys, wallet, etc are still on the counter. We thought about the problem, about why it's his stuff that's out and not mine (and he's the neat one), and realized that I keep all my things in my bag, hung on the wall. That's when I realized he needed a bag, too. But his just stays on the wall. It's working out well. Both of us love figuring out storage solutions so that everything has its place. One day we might even decide to make a cubby for the dog:)


  1. hi kayla:
    you guys are the masters of organization. that is a very cool idea. just wanted to let you know that i gave you the EXCELLENT BLOG award. now you get to pass it on to blogs you feel are deserving. hope all is well. take care.

  2. The bag looks great and so useful. I'm very impressed!


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