Wednesday, January 23, 2008

new nail kit

This is my way of making my resolution more enjoyable. I had been meaning to make a tissue pocket for myself (after making them for everyone else for Christmas 2006!), so it was a chance to make a matching set. In my 'nail kit', I have lotion (Amisha's suggestion), an emory board, clippers, and now a buffing tool. All of this effort toward stopping my nail biting habit has kept it on my mind and made me more conscious of messing with my nails. And making up the kit was fun!


  1. Great idea! I need to stop biting my nails, definitely before my wedding. This is a perfect little project for me in between all of the "work" projects.

  2. i love the little kit! so cute and i am sure it will help with the biting. the fabrics are wonderful. xox

  3. These are really cute! The fabric you chose is perfect.


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