Thursday, January 17, 2008

fabric + a resolution

Thanks for the boots compliments! They're Merrells, the brand of shoes my family should own stock in! Being on my feet all day, I need shoes that provide plenty of support--and they're not just mocs anymore.

For Christmas, E's mom gave me this amazing collection of fat quarters (also my new banner). I love each and every one of the fabrics.

I didn't realize how much they've influenced my color choices until this recent repro depot fabric order arrived. Normally cool colors are my domain, but the orange works so well with my old favorites green, blue and brown. I feel a new patchwork project coming up soon!

Maybe because I'm afraid of failing yet again to reach this goal, I've made only very quiet mention of my resolution to put an end to my nail biting/picking habit. As I type, I can smell the chemical stench of the clear polish (well, sort of yellowed it's so old) I just applied. I've tried this before, and it only deters me the tiniest bit. Any ideas for kicking this habit? Or suggestions for another, less dirty nervous habit I can pick up instead?


  1. Unfortunately, I think the nail biting is genetic.

  2. Ooo... I've been eyeing that fabric for a while now... it's lovely!

    And my dad got me to stop biting my nails by telling me my fingers would melt off. I was in preschool.

  3. I like that top fabric. The squirrels are good, but the skulls are so unexpected! Very cool.

    I wish I had some advice about the nail biting thing. I never noticed it, but now that you mention it, I remember seeing you do it. I guess you just do it unconsciously?

  4. those fabrics are beautiful! love those colors together.
    nail biting... hmmm. i don't bite but i do tug at the skin when i am anxious. the only thing that seems to help me is really really good hand cream. it makes my hands all soft and nice and i'm less likely to wreck them, if that makes any sense :) also, professional manicures... if you are paying $$ for your nails then you won't want to mess up the polish? good luck sweetie. xo

  5. I just bought that box of fat quarters from JoAnn's the other day. The orange, green and brown look awesome together! Check out the apron I made with those fabrics at


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