Sunday, November 18, 2007


Well, I'd say yesterday was a success. E and I got up super early to drop off the pup and make our way to Savannah, GA for Mutation Craft Fair. I had a half table and was lucky to share it with a friendly knitter from Savannah. She makes chain-link scarves from the softest wool. There was heavy foot traffic early in the day, and a lot of people stopped by my table. I was so relieved after I made my first sale! My tissue holders and fold-up cotton bags (more on those soon) were the best sellers. I even saw some fellow Jacksonville girls (I hope you like your bags!). And then the end of the day came. It was slow, so all the sellers did some shopping, which was probably my favorite part. I met some great crafters, enjoyed a little shop talk, and made several purchases. In the end, I made more than I sold, so that got E's approval, even though he knows it's not about the money. It was a fun experience.

After the show, we spent a few hours in Savannah. We even passed Paula Deen's restaurant by chance. Of course, it was booked, but I guess that just means we'll have to go back!


  1. hi kayla:
    looks like you had a wonderful time. maybe next time we can share a table. happy to see that you are starting to stock your shop. is that all that is left from the fair? congrats on your success! (see you tomorrow :) )

  2. Well done Kayla. It sounds like you did brilliantly well for your first craft fair. I love hearing these success stories - very inspiring.

  3. Congrats on the shows success. Your items in the post below were so colorful and pretty, I'm not surprised they did well.


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