Wednesday, November 28, 2007

puppy patchwork

I bought this happy hounds fabric many months ago knowing I wanted to recover Kobe's bed. I have been on this grey kick for a while now, and I love it paired with a little purple/periwinkle. The fabrics in our bedroom are a greyish purple, so now his bed will match the decor instead of matching him, something I'm not quite sure about. Matching things to your animal is highly underrated. We used to have a car with a black interior that would get covered in white dog hair, even when he hadn't ridden in the car! Our beige sofa (where he rubs to slick his hair after walks) couldn't camouflage the fur better.

And because I love reading bloggers' 'random things' memes--they're so revealing and endearing--I thought I'd share a bit.
  • I miss Japan so much that I try to think of trips we can take to places with large Japanese populations. So far: Brazil, Pacific NW, Chicago again.
  • Speaking of traveling, I love planning and researching before a trip, but it also stresses me out unbelievably. In fact, one of our best trips--to Costa Rica--was totally unplanned. Hmm.
  • I'm speaking Spanish at work these days. Not when I'm teaching English of course, but with the office staff. I'm really concerned about my grammar, even though I know this inhibition doesn't help my progress.

And the shop update was a little too ambitious--cloudy weather + dead camera battery = no photos. Let's shoot for Monday, OK?


  1. My off-white couch goes great witht he cat hair in my house. The green couch...not so much.

  2. When you said you wanted to "recover" Kobe's bed, it sounded like you lost it somewhere and wanted to find it again! :-)


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