Wednesday, November 21, 2007

pocket bag and some links

Thank you all for your supportive comments on what I'm selling. I do have plenty of 'inventory' left, so I'm slowly-but-surely stocking my etsy shop. It's a bit tedious, isn't it?

One of the items that I've been working on, and that will be in the shop, is my pocket shopping bag. These cotton sacks fold into their own interior pocket so they can be stashed in your purse. I always get into Target and realize my cloth bags are in the car, so I made a small one that will permanently stay with me. I'll do my best to add more items to the shop over the long weekend, so stop by!

As I mentioned in my last post, the best part of the fair was talking to other crafters, and buying from them, too! Since it was in Savannah, quite a few of the crafters seemed to be students or graduates of SCAD. Being alongside these creative people made me feel like I'd found my place again in the world of art. Art was my life in high school, but for some reason (a rush to finish college?), I pretty much abandoned it after that. I've done a bit of painting here and there over the years, but always run into frustration with not having the skill I used to. I guess I'm just out of practice. And although sometimes I find myself confronted by the distinction of 'artist' vs. 'crafter', I know that my sewing and other dabbling is the right outlet for my creativity right now.

Anyway, I wanted to share a little about the creative people whose things I bought. Some of these items will be gifts, so I won't be too specific.

Leslie Geer, the planter of greenware design, creates lovely plantings in her partner's ceramic bowls. Succulents and some whimsical touches make these little gardens so special.

Karin Soderholm is a quilter with great taste in fabric (lots of linen) and unbelievably perfect stitching. She makes needlebooks and laptop covers, too.

Kathryn Riechert is a jewelry artist who creates unique pieces with text, bird motifs, and other elements. My favorite piece was a bird that hung from a cloud outline. She takes custom orders, too.

And thanks, Rashida, for the you-make-me-smile award. Her blog, and so many others, bring me many smiles!

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. I love my pocket bag! It was nice to meet you this weekend. Glad you had a good time at the fair, keep up the great work!

  2. Hi! This is Amy Nieto, the Phantom Organizer of Mutation! I am so glad you enjoyed your time at Mutation and that it sparked your love for art once again. THAT is what Mutation is all about. Thank you thank you thank you very much.


  3. congratulations on a successful table at the fair!! sounds like so much fun and all your pieces are beautiful. xox


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