Thursday, November 1, 2007

music for makin'

These are some little pockets for a new 'product' I've got up my sleeve. This weekend I'll be back to work on craft fair inventory. And for that, I think I'll need some good music. Some poppy stuff I've been enjoying lately: Chromeo, Of Montreal, and Silversun Pickups. I finally popped over to the myspace page of a local band, the Black Kids, who have been getting lots of coverage on a local blog, and recently some national coverage. It turns out that the lead singer and the drummer are guys I knew at church growing up. I love their sound--check 'em out!


  1. Hmmm... what are you up to? Nice choice of fabrics!

  2. Kayla, Those look so cute. Where did you get your labels done ? I have been looking for nice small labels, forever. Congratulations on reaching your 100th post. Looking forward to the next 100!

  3. These look lovely, some of those fabrics are wonderful, I love the white flowers on the reddish background. The wedding photos and little details were also gorgeous -how fabulous to ride away on a tandem bike!


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