Monday, October 29, 2007

wedding weekend

This was the weekend of my brother's wedding. We're back home and recovered from our weekend with the happy couple. My brother and new sister-in-law are now in Costa Rica after their beautiful wedding.
One of the things that I love so much when I think of our wedding is all of the touches that we added to make it 'us', and that's also what I loved most about this weekend as well. The venue was gorgeous--there was even a gator swimming through the background of a few of the bridal party photos! The decorations--carved white pumpkins--were perfect for this time of year. The hydrangeas and seeded eucalyptus (like on the boutonnières I made) were just right. And a very appropriate get-away vehicle for this bicycling couple.


  1. How wonderful to ride together on a bike :)

  2. Sounds lovely. Now I'm thinking I should make the boutonnières for my wedding. I'm sure I can squeeeeze another thing in.

  3. so glad you had a good weekend in g'ville... the wedding sounds like so much fun! we got married at a swamp in louisiana so i was smiling about the gator in the background :) i'm sorry i missed seeing you though... hopefully soon!

  4. Yes, I do read your blog. Thanks so much for all of your help with the wedding. Pictures, videos, and memoirs from our honeymoon are in the works. Love you!


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