Saturday, October 6, 2007

thank you!

Here's my new inspiration board on the wall above my sewing machine. I bought 4 cork tiles and covered them with batting and my current favorite fabrics. The adhesive squares that came with the tiles do not work, though. I have to re-stick at least one of these to the wall everyday!

With natural light at a premium these days (it feels like 7:00 at night most of the day), it's been hard to take any good photos this week. Rain everyday has kept us indoors most of the time. Although a lot of work passed across my sewing table last weekend, the week was much less productive because my back was so sore. I decided, since I'm still so motivated to work on stuff for the craft fair, that this is the weekend we need to remedy the cutting-on-a-low-table issue. I looked into foldable cutting tables, like this one, because they're 36" high, but read that they can be flimsy. So, my great husband is in the garage working on a platform to go on top of the existing shelves that hold my fabric. With this plan, we can use materials we have, buy nothing, and avoid a sore back on Monday.
I've been thinking lately about how much I learned from blog reading when I really started to explore sewing and quilting. I love that people not only showed what they'd created, but also explained how they'd done it, no matter how simple, or even obvious to an experienced sewer. I picked up so many techniques, like pressing the edges back before flipping my coasters right-side-out (can't remember, but maybe from angry chicken). I hope that I, too, can provide some useful ideas to those who are just getting into the art of sewing. A big thank you to everyone who posts explanations and tutorials!


  1. Your fabric covered cork boards look great! I love it when someone takes the "ordinary" and makes it fabulous!

    Oh, I do hope you'll get a better cutting table that doesn't hurt your back. You deserve it : )

  2. Me too! Love your fabric covered boards.

  3. those fabric cover tiles are adorable. i love the fabrics you selected.


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