Tuesday, October 23, 2007

new faves

On my list of things to sew, I have a bunch of images in my mind of stockings, pillows, tissue holders made with fabric I don't have, colors I don't even have. So I ran in to Joann after work last week when they had a sale on fat quarters. I found a few fabrics to fill in those gaps in my stash. And I also found some redundant (more green!) fabrics that I needed.

I'm starting to feel the pressure of the craft fair, but in a way I didn't expect-- I'm still excited and motivated to do the designing + sewing, but the stress of all the other things I'm not doing is getting to me. I really don't have time for major crafting and cleaning/giving the pup enough attention/running errands. And I just found out yesterday (a very rainy Monday) that the craft fair will be held outside. I'm hoping for a cool, crisp, dry fall day!

I've been watching all the pillow-making going on at glitter goods. When I clicked over to link to a few pillow posts, I saw that she has a new display of all of them. The trick to that wrinkly quilty look is washing the pillow top before assembling the pillow. Great idea. I love her colors.

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