Monday, October 8, 2007

custom ordered cutting table

Though not normally a podcast listener, I enjoyed the craftsanity interview with Amanda Soule. It was nice to learn more about Soulemama, and I appreciated what she said about everyone being creative in some way. Even my E is quite creative (and fast, I must say!), especially with projects around the house. With my brief description of a top built onto my existing fabric shelves, he got to work on my new cutting table. He's rather pleased with what he calls the "rustic" outcome (well, we were using the same planks that have had 2 previous lives as bookshelves). I think it will definitely work for cutting fabric, and it fits nicely into the room. Now all I need is a giant cutting mat, right?


  1. It looks fantastic! Now if only I could get my husband to build me one.

  2. That's great. I only just got a proper cutting table last month with a giant mat. It's been really great. I think my fiance would love building one, but I couldn't wait 3 years to get it, lol.


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