Wednesday, September 12, 2007

oh, gainesville.

*image from wikipedia

Last night we took a trip down memory lane. We drove to Gainesville--the University of FL-- to see a show, but what I enjoyed so much more than the music was visiting my old college town. Of course we went to our favorite Asian food place, which lived up to our expectations--slooow service, but amazing [and amazingly cheap] food. We drove by my old apartment, and I noticed the trees I never paid much attention to. We walked through campus and drove through downtown. It all reminded me of what a special place Gainesville is. Amisha is really lucky to call it home. (She also has some great photos.)

I never wanted to go to UF, but after a rough freshman year elsewhere, I found friends who welcomed me as a roommate. I didn't get lost in the shuffle of the giant university like I thought I would, but I found others with common interests. I discovered a fulfilling career and a major among the dozens the school offers.

And the cool thing was, I didn't feel so old when we were there last night. I guess Dave Matthews' following has grown up, just like us.

I can't wait to get back to Gainesville in a few weeks for my brother's wedding. It's going to be beautiful. Just look at the location.


  1. Cool! I love Dave Matthews, I've seen him a few times. I always feel like a very ordinary person at his gigs, lol. Sounds like you had a great time.

  2. hey kayla:
    we love chopstix too! i know, everytime i read amisha's words about the place, it makes me a little wistful. maybe, maybe... i did a paper about the bauman center. i used to ride my bike there and just sit. they are very lucky to begin their marriage in such a gorgeous place.
    ja ne

  3. How awesome that you got to see Dave Matthews. I went to the other school in north Florida. But I always drive by Gainsville on the way south to visit my family.

  4. the concert sounds like so much fun! wish i had been in gainesville to see you :( soon i hope!!
    thank you for the sweet words about the photos too xox


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