Thursday, September 20, 2007

creating stock(ings)

Thanks for all the great feedback on my things to sell and the fall recipes! I'm really wishing I had grown my own winter squash...there's always next year, I guess.
These are more photos taken for the craft fair. (No, I didn't get so excited about the change of seasons that I fast-forwarded all the way to December!) I pulled these out of the box of Christmas decorations, where they have been since last January. It's funny how putting away something handmade and pulling it out much later can give you a whole new perspective. I was actually surprised by how well-made they are, considering I've done a lot more sewing (and learning) since I made them (and I'm still making lots of mistakes!). In reality, I'm probably just not being as critical because I've forgotten about any imperfections I was aware of when I first made them. But it's kind of nice to look at them with new eyes, the way you'd look at a craft made by someone other than yourself. I'm looking forward to making more of these.

Now I definitely need to do something more with brown+green.

I'm gonna try to catch Tim Gunn's Guide to Style tonight. (I might have to DVR it if I crash early like the rest of this week). I wonder if it's any good. I'm just so ready for Project Runway Season 4 to start!


  1. I saw alittle of the show... I don't know if it's my kind of thing.

    I LOVE Project Runway, though!!!

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