Monday, September 17, 2007

cold weather wear

To me, this Florida summer was especially harsh. After a trip to Chicago this summer, and Boston last, I think I've realized how much milder it is elsewhere. So maybe this is the reason I'm so ready for cooler weather. And if it would look something like Gabrielle’s gorgeous wedding photos, I’d go for MUCH cooler weather! I want to open the windows and enjoy walking the dog. I want to wear jumpers and tights, and sew a corduroy bag.

I love this jumper I bought (but it doesn't fit) at Target yesterday, planning to trace it or find a similar pattern. I was in luck. On craftstew, I found out about a free pattern offer on the vogue website--just pay $3 for shipping. I found one similar to the Target jumper and ordered it. I figure I'll just make it shorter. Then, on a stop in at Joann, I saw jumper that had been sewn up as one of their samples, and it was made with an interesting tweed--mostly tan with flecks of other colors-- and brown satin ribbon trim. I think I need it.

Since my dress-making never came to be during August (although I did do quite a bit of making), I hope to see this plan through to completion. In high school, my best friend made me this jumper (top photo) in her sewing class. I loved it so much, but I can still remember how mad she was when she saw the dog patch I had added. I thought it was just what the dress needed. Wooly jumper, here I come!

And even though I already have these shoes in brown patchwork, I've got my eye on the herringbone ones. They are perfect for a long day of standing in front of a class!


  1. Hi Kayla, thanks for the honourable mention! I am definitely a fan of colder weather too - I wish we could just skip straight from spring to autumn, summer here is exhausting. The jumper project sounds great (we have different terms in Australia - jumper means sweater, I don't think we have an actual word for these great jumper dresses!)
    Looking forward to seeing how it develops.

  2. I love those shoes. So cute!


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