Wednesday, August 8, 2007

a sunnier day

Thanks, guys, for the sweet comments on my tree post. I am quite optimistic about planting some new trees, especially since I think we might be here to see them get BIG.

At first I thought the AC was struggling because of the extra sun hitting our roof with the tree gone, but now I'm realizing it's just extremely hot outside, shade or no shade. I checked the thermometer this afternoon, and in the shade, it read 98! So I hunkered down with all the blinds shut, curtains pulled, fan on, hoping to get some relief. Unfortunately for today's goal, the way I designed the new curtains for my studio lets lots of sunlight in, normally a good thing, but today I was wishing for heavy, lined drapes instead!These panels were a clearance find at World Market. I'd had this gauzy striped linen for a long time--2 remnants from Joann. The panels were such an awkward length, so I cut them and added the linen near the top to let light in even when they're shut.
I hope this heat doesn't affect my okra. We enjoyed the first harvest last night, fried in left over breading from Japan night's agedashi-dofu. Crunchy+slimy--yum! And E, I thought you didn't like okra!


  1. That is such a clever idea. They look fabulous, I like how the sun shines through the linen stripes.

  2. I enjoyed okra at my parents farm last time I was up. We breaded them in corn meal and it turned out quite nice. Next time I will introduce my parents to panko crumbs!

  3. And that's a great idea to take curtains that aren't the length you need. Why didn't I think of that? I will be putting that tip in my idea book and keeping my eyes peeled at discount stores for more curtains.


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