Tuesday, August 7, 2007


Feeling a little quiet lately. Still coming to terms with the loss of our beloved tree. Looking for reassurance that removing it was the right or necessary decision. Dreaming of new trees to plant in its place.

With giant limbs falling regularly, it was obviously in decline, and with hurricane season upon us, we couldn't take the risk. Still, I miss the shade, not only in our yard, but over much of the street, stretching into several neighbors' yards. Is it silly to cry over a tree?

I'd had my eye on Julie's prints for a while, and now that I only have the memory of my tree, I finally ordered two of them with a plan to maybe frame them next to a photo of the tree. I love the connection she made between home + roots. Even without the tree, even when you're not home, those roots will always be there.

I have been able to do some creating lately, and I'll share those projects when I find the more positive outlook that should accompany them.


  1. Trees are such wonderful things. You picked a great way to memorialize it in your household.

  2. Trees are amazing things. It's easy to forget that. Thanks for reminding me, and I hope you find a wonderful new tree to plant.

  3. thinking of you kayla. it is not strange at all to feel grief for a tree... i feel like there are many trees i have known and loved in my life that have brought so much joy. julie's work is so beautiful and i think it's a perfect memorial. thinking about trees + roots right now b/c i think i will be missing the green a lot in this move! hope you find a beautiful one to plant. do you have eucalyptus there? we love, love the eucalyptus in our front yard.


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