Tuesday, August 21, 2007

patchwork pillow

This past weekend, I was feeling the need to sew, but without anything I needed to sew. I remembered the day we bought the futon sofa that's now in my room. In the store, we saw a vignette with a bunch of cool accent pillows. I started to buy some to go with our new piece of furniture, but I stopped myself, thinking "I can make that." But how often do I say that, and then never make it! The same thing has been happening with skirts. I've seen so many cute cotton skirts lately, but can't bring myself to buy them. Thankfully, this hasn't happened with all shopping--after all, I know my limits, so I still *allow* myself to buy shirts and such--things I know I can't make. How often does this happen to you--skipping a purchase with the intention of doing it yourself? And how often do you follow through?

Here's a little pillow I made to go on that sofa--it matches the fabric on my chair cushion. But it turned out looking better on the bed in the guest room.


  1. Oh, how beautiful - really lovely colours and patterns on the pillow!
    I have done exactly the same thing passing up skirts and many other items I think I can sew, but then don't. For a while Thomas had no bibs, and was spilling things all over his clothes because I thought it would be so easy to make them, (once I figured out how to make bias binding!)It's hard paying a lot for things you know you can make more cheaply, but you're right, a girl's gotta know her limits!

  2. i always say that i am going to make everything... sometimes it happens but more often not :)
    with this move i have suddenly found myself with a long list of things that i need to make, which is nice! though a bit overwhelming. time to prioritize, i think.

  3. The last thing I said I'd make was curtains and I actually did. I've yet to follow through on any of the skirts I'd said I'd make but it'd pay to actually buy (or make) a pattern first :)!

    The pillow is gorgeous. I love the colors and how you've positioned the fabric. Just lovely.


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