Thursday, August 16, 2007

masking the problem

I'm grateful that, for the most part, we have good neighbors. We enjoyed having several empty houses around us for a while-- a couple empty for several years. But in the last 3 months or so, we've had 5 sets of new neighbors move in--the 3 closest across the street, one next door, and, most recently, one behind us. This guy behind us likes to leave his porch light on, which shines right into my window at night. So I've woken up a few times, and layed awake thinking, "Should I say something?" "Should I put up another window covering?" Hmm. Last night, though, I think I came up with a solution--a sleeping mask. I already have one that I bought when I lived in a 3rd floor apartment--windows lined right up with the street lights. But it's grungy, and the elastic is shot. I patterned my new one after the old one, and it looks like it'll do the trick--neighborly confrontation avoided!

A couple of interesting links:

Block Party Press makes pendants and other jewelry from polymer clay. Her distressing technique gives it sort of a metal look. She also has a blog--I like the "be inspired" feature.

I came across Rosa Loves in a local arts publication. They design t-shirts to support specific fund raising projects. The story behind each design's project is printed inside the shirt. Promoting awareness through art.

I'm hoping to start on some new projects, but my supplies-buying plans were foiled by car trouble. Maybe this weekend...


  1. That's a great idea. I love the mask. I don't have neighbor problems as much as street lights. We cannot make it dark in our room. His & hers masks would be great.

  2. i used to never be able to sleep without a mask, but flying with one has converted me... they are the best! we also have a neighbor who feels the need to illuminate the entire neighborhood with the front porch spotlight :)

  3. The mask sounds like a good idea, and very stylish too!Thanks for the link to block party, I love the colours and patterns of her jewellery- I wouldn't have guessed it was polymer clay.


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