Friday, August 10, 2007

little guy

Finished up this little quilt this week. It's for a new little guy--Jude Hiroki--isn't that the cutest name? I started to make it all patterned strips, but decided to tone it down with some solid blue pieces, the same blue I used on the other baby quilt I made. The boats, umbrellas, and ladybug fabrics are all from superbuzzy, where there's a sale going on now!Again, used the walking foot, which made it so much easier to quilt. I tried using the bar attachment to help with spacing the curved quilt lines. Maybe I was using it wrong, but it just seemed counterintuitive. I had to have the bulk of the quilt under the machine to get it to work--so it didn't really work. Oh well, wonky lines are fine by me.
Another hot one today, but since E and I both had the day off, we hit the pool this morning and then sought shelter in a cold theater for the Bourne Ultimatum. Car chases in tiny cars and even scooters--what fun!

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. oh! I really like this! So nice for a little guy!

  2. Perfect little quilt! I am attracted to wonkiness. It's all good!

  3. This is really cute. I really like the solid blue interrupting your lines of stripes. I also like the quilting. I like how it’s off centered with a slight curve.

  4. What a beautiful baby quilt! I love the blues mixed with the patterns, it gives it a lovely calm feeling. I'm sure it will help the lucky little one drift off to sleep.

  5. i love this kayla! beautiful colors and the fabrics are wonderful. and you did a beautiful job of the quilting too!


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