Wednesday, August 29, 2007

a complete meal

With E working 2 jobs, by default I've been put in charge of meal planning, a responsibility I'm ambivalent about. I can plan meals according to what I'm in the mood for, but I often get complaints that meals aren't 'complete.' Luckily, E long ago got over his hang up about meat being necessary in a meal, but apparently the meals I plan often lack the requisite side items, or I attempt to serve sides as mains. So when I announced that tonight's dinner would be bean salsa, it didn't fly. We combined meals--tomorrow's lone egg sandwiches and tonight's salsa, which together received a passing grade.

The salsa is a family favorite--I remember my brother making it when he visited us in Japan. And the egg salad wraps, from Ellie Krieger, are a new addition to our rotation. Oh, how I miss the convenience store egg salad sandwiches we ate in Japan. The konbinis and bakeries made river-side picnics so easy.

A large, slow-going sewing project is in the works. I'm tempted to put it aside, though, to do something in the color scheme of this quilt over at craftlog. Although we've got no signs of fall yet, I'm thinking of replacing my beachy decor with something with more brown. It's so funny that I used to think my mom was crazy for doing one of our houses (early 1980s) in so much brown--'the color of dirt', I said until not too long ago. Now it's one of my favorites.

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  1. Just a random passerby here -- wanting to say how delicious the wrap and salsa look!


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