Sunday, July 22, 2007

WHOLE grain

Yesterday, while E and his brother and our dads built our gorgeous new deck, I went to a baking class with a co-worker. A bunch of women at her church who mill their own wheat give classes every few months. They focus on the benefits of whole grains, especially freshly-milled whole grains. We all know that whole wheat is better than white flour, but apparently a lot of the nutrients are lost from whole wheat flour after the wheat berries are milled, so if you mill it yourself, and then bake your own bread, you get all the benefits. Fortunately, someone mentioned a bakery really close by (I guess these are all over) that mills its own wheat. The food at the class was delicious--we made our own tortillas and bread, and they served a lentil stew with tofurkey sausage for lunch.
One of the benefits, they say, of eating more whole grains/fiber, is that it can decrease sugar cravings. I've been noticing the quantity of sweets I'm eating, and it's out of control! Especially with long work hours, I hit the vending machine even though it doesn't sell anything good. Well, I'm only about 24 hours into my attempt to eat more whole grains, but I haven't even been tempted by the brownie+fudge ice cream in the freezer. Instead, I made a snack of granola bars from a recipe they handed out yesterday. Here's what I included:
3 tbs butter
3/8 c honey (these 2 boiled for about 15 min)
1 1/2 c rolled oats
almonds, cashews, dried apricots, craisins, yellow raisins
You just pour the honey mixture over the dry ingredients and then press them into a pan, cool in the fridge, and cut. It made about 10 bars.

I'll be back soon with pictures of the deck. Now we have somewhere to eat (our whole grains) outside--I love it!


  1. that baking class sounds amazing. thanks for sharing the granola bar inspiration!

  2. These look delicious! and Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

  3. Hmm, given my own out of control sugar intake, I really should give this a try.


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