Saturday, July 14, 2007

Now that I've finished my quilt, I can focus on my new color obsession: green and grey. I'm not leaving blue and grey by the wayside of course, but I am appreciating the very apple green wall in our living room again, after wanting to repaint it blue for many months. We spent the day hauling supplies for a wood composite deck we (well, mostly E and our dads) will be working on soon. I've kinda jumped the gun on the exterior design part of the project. I started collecting pots for the deck several years ago, and the table, chairs, umbrella, pillows, and rug/plastic mat are ready and waiting! All with the green and grey theme.
We painted this table that was previously unfinished and has lots of sentimental value to match some grey chairs I've had since my single days. I added the green stripe with leftover paint from our living room wall. The mat we got has a color and design similar to these outdoor pillows.
I know the juniper here is truly dead, but I love this photo anyhow, more green and grey.
Oh, and way back there against the fence you can see the green in my little garden plot as well. Still waiting, with lots of ideas, for that okra.

And congratulations to Maria of Port 2 Port Press for being featured in Real Simple magazine. I was so happy to see a blogger and her beautiful work in such a large publication.


  1. A belated congratulations on finishing your quilt. It looks wonderful - well done! The garden is looking lovely as well - I like the green and grey combo.

  2. That's a gorgeous color combo, I love the pillow fabric the best.

  3. Love the color combination. I would not have thought to combine gray with green but that stripe is delightful.

  4. i felt excited about mav's mention too. funny how connected you can feel to fellow bloggers. your quilt is lovely and i agree with you on the green and grey. actually, grey and anything work for me. grey is my favorite color. xo

  5. i am getting so into gray lately... i noticed that in the past couple of months my dear oranges and reds have been somewhat left by the wayside for charcoal, slate, silvery gray... all of it! the green and gray is a great combo.


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