Friday, July 27, 2007

my city

Last night, E and I went with my students on a cruise up the St. Johns River, an annual summer "field trip." Seeing Jacksonville from the river makes me appreciate where we live even if it's not my first choice:) We are really lucky to have access to the river, the intracoastal, and the ocean, and we don't take advantage of it enough. With a month of lighter working hours coming up, I hope I can make the most of summer and enjoy that water!
It's funny that Alicia posted about going crazy with bias tape, since I've been working on this giant roll this week. New napkins with this binding are in the works.

I'm off to the beach!


  1. Just found your blog and noticed you live in Jacksonville. My husband and I lived there for 4 years, we are in Pensacola now. Just wanted to say hello and the quilt you made is lovely :)

  2. beautiful photo kayla! enjoy the beach :)


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