Wednesday, July 25, 2007

more green and grey

Gosh, I've been bad about post titles lately--sometimes I go back and add one, and sometimes, like the last one--oh well. Sorry!

So, I promised some photos of our new composite deck, which we are thoroughly enjoying. We've had a couple of meals out on it, and now I'm on the hunt for a basket or tray we can use to get everything to and from the kitchen. We found this giant umbrella, great for the shade it provides, but it also has tiny solar-powered LED lights on the inside for after the sun goes down. Very handy since we haven't installed a light out there yet. Our dads and E and his brother did such a great job. Thanks guys!!

And okra, oh okra. I had almost given up hope, but my dad spotted the first little pod last weekend. Its flowers are beautiful, and I can see lots of okra on its way. Hmmm. What should I make first?

I picked up a loaf (and a free mini loaf!) at Great Harvest today, and it is the heaviest bread EVER. It's dense, but in a really good way. Excellent flavor, basic ingredients, and whole grain. The guy who sold it to me confirmed that they mill the wheat right there in the store. Yum. I am such a carboholic, so I'm glad I can feel good about eating this!


  1. your deck looks like a fun/cozy place to hang out. we have a just doesn't have much ambiance. :(

  2. The deck is looking great. Your last post struck a chord with me - I always wanted to live in Japan, and almost got a job there, but I think my Japanese wasn't quite good enough. I think I'll have to settle for the occasional visit.

  3. fabulous deck!! so lovely for the summer evenings with some whole grains! i love those dense wheat loaves. the bread was one of the things i loved most about norway/belgium/holland... everywhere these amazing loaves, full of nuts and seeds and bits of raisin and date, that were so satisfying and good. such baking inspiration!


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