Monday, July 2, 2007


As I type, there's a man shimmying through the branches of the tree over our house. Our new neighbor is having the part that hangs over her roof cut in preparation for hurricane season. Between the logs falling from the tree this morning, the first big thunder storm of the season yesterday, and distant fireworks last night, Kobe hasn't left my side.
Each day we've been coming home to find the pup in his safe spot--a little cave behind the futon. Instead of being scared, though, I think he's trying to escape the heat of his room without window coverings. As of this weekend, we're making progress in that area--blinds on most windows and a panel for the kitchen.
I went for white blinds with grey ribbons. E loves the look, but I feel a bit like I'm in prison. Change is hard for me. As ridiculous as it is, I have to convince myself that getting rid of the broken plastic miniblinds was the right thing to do.
The simple panel in the kitchen can be opened, but based on how we used the blinds that were there, I think it'll stay closed most of the time. I strategically put the darker echino print at the bottom so that any dirty paw prints will be camouflaged. Kobe can get really excited about going for a walk while I put on my shoes. I'd like to add an embroidered bee to one of the lighter sections. I sure do love the look of the embroidery in simple sewing and on the apron jenny made.
Well, the prognosis for the tree is not good. He found lots of rot and fungus, and said it's toward the end of its life span. Our only tree--I don't want to see it go. Like I said, change is a tough thing for me.

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  1. your echino window cover is lovely. i really like the idea of the embroidered bees on top as well!
    i love the gray ribbons too though hoping the prison feeling fades soon :)


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