Sunday, June 3, 2007

zippers and linings

Gosh, it's taken a while for me to get to posting this week. I had photos and a post ready to go, but it never did happen. Last weekend, we went to the farmer's market, and I came home and made salsas galore: tomatillo, mango, and roasted everything. The mango salsa (the only way I like mangoes) was sweet and tasty as usual, but the surprising one was the tomatillo salsa. I roasted half of them and boiled the others to see if there was a difference (not much) and then blended them. I tasted it before adding anything, and it didn't even need salt. It was wonderful.

I saw some of LeeAnn's bags on a recent post, and I was so impressed with all her zipper sewing. I've been trying to figure out the zipper and lining thing ever since I made my cruise clutch, and then another just like it for my mom. LeeAnn directed me to uhandblog, and what I read there helped so much when I decided to line the skirt I'm working on. I think it looks a lot more finished this way than what my Photo Guide to Sewing showed, and it involved no hand sewing! The skirt is still a work in progress--somehow I always make skirts too wide (easy to fix) and too short (not so easy).

I'm not normally such a j.crew girl, but I'm loving all their sailor inspired gear right now. This skirt in particular caught my eye. Maybe it'll be next on the project list. Whoa, I just noticed the price when I was adding the link--it will definitely have to be made, not bought, to become part of my wardrobe!


  1. Rock on! Zipper are in instant confidence booster! When I feel down, I just look in my purse and say, "I did that" and I instantly feel better.

    (I am really not this corny, but who am I kidding. I really am.)

  2. I love uhandblog. Your skirt fabric is great and the zipper looks fab!

  3. I love your blog, and now I love mintbasil, too. Many thanks for yet more sources of inspiration!

    (You might be the one who got me hooked on uhandblog, as well. I can't remember. You may as well take the glory/blame.)


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