Tuesday, June 26, 2007


A couple of cute bags from a patchwork book I got at Mitsuwa.

Well this creative rut I've been in has manifested itself in my lack of blogging, too. The most creative thing I've done lately is put together a couple of awful 80s outfits for a party. My pleated, acid-wash denim skirt was starting to grow on me, and E's dangley earring and his dad's members only jacket were pretty hot! Too bad the photos came out blurry.
As for the garden, it's experienced some extreme weather lately. I'll have to give the squash another try since several days of heavy rain pretty much got rid of my small crop. The beans look the most promising. We'll know soon!
The new windows are in, although now it's too hot out to open them much. New windows means new window treatments. Blinds for most of them are coming Saturday, but I left a few windows to cover myself. I ordered some of the echino fabric with that last superbuzzy order. I think that'll go in the kitchen, but I haven't decided what I'll do. Then there's my room. I have some sheer linen fabric I've found a couple times in the remnants bin at Joann. I really love how the panels I made for our sunroom turned out. It was an early-on sewing project, and they turned out just as I wanted. They offer privacy without completely blocking sunlight, so something along these lines might work for the remaining windows. I've always liked the idea of Roman shades, so something like these that Courtney made might be a possibility.
Well I hope I have something to share soon!!


  1. mmm, echino. those are going to be fab. the linen sounds lovely too. we are so lazy with the window treatments... ikea gauze curtains knotted at the bottom and that's the end of it! one day...

  2. I love those bags - they are really sweet.


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