Tuesday, June 5, 2007


I love my library. It's small, and has pretty limited hours, but they always have what I need, and sometimes surprise me with things I want. Yesterday I picked up this book, along with the newest #1 Ladies Detective series book that I've had in my sidebar for a while. Yep, we're going to Chicago to visit friends this weekend, and I need suggestions! So far, only Mitsuwa is on the itinerary, maybe a museum, and I'd love to do some craft/fabric shopping, but I don't know where to go. Anyone been to Chi-town?


  1. Chicago is my favorite US city. It's beautiful there. I'm not sure I've ever found a fabric shop though, hmm. I enjoy the Art Institute and the Robie House. There are so many great places to see, shop and eat there. If you like Mongolian Barbecue, try Big Bowl on Cedar & Rush, it's sooo good. And if you have time for a trip out of the city, I recommend Oak Park or Evanston.

  2. hey kayla:
    i didn't see you today. i meant to drop by your cube' and wish you bon voyage but i was in the cafeteria studying until class time. anyway, have a wonderful time in chicago. did you ever read the time traveler's wife? there are some good chicago spots mentioned in there. p.s. your hair does not look like a bowl cut. if the students say that about your hair, i can't imagine what they think of mine. xo


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