Tuesday, June 12, 2007

chicago 1

I took so many photos on our trip, I figure I've got more than one post's worth to share. I started snapping shots right away because the light was hitting the buildings in such a beautiful way. The trip couldn't have been better. Well, the 6am flights weren't much fun, but other than that, perfect. Warm days, cool nights (something we've already moved past in Florida). Although I didn't hit any fabric stores, I did pay a visit to Paper Source, which did not disappoint. I think I could live there. Three whole floors of paper, stamps, supplies!

My salmon at Rick Bayless' restaurant was tasty, and the rice was shaped like a pyramid! I love gimmicky stuff like that.

I was impressed by all the colorful beds planted around the city. Most of them contained high contrast plants--rich purples and bright yellows and greens. This one was in front of the Chicago Tribune building. It was all so lush, much more healthy looking than the thirsty grass we found back at home.

And to top it off, a celebrity sighting: Aaron Eckhart (blue trench) and Maggie Gyllenhaal (brown trench) filming "feature film Rory's First Kiss," as we were told. But the Gotham taxis everywhere tipped us off that it's really the next Batman. Pretty sneaky with that fake title, huh?

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  1. Lovely photos of Chicago - it looks so warm and sunny there. You are a budding paparazzi with your celeb shot - isn't that funny that they try to disguise the film they're shooting.


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