Thursday, June 28, 2007

Birthday goodies

28 on the 28th. This must be the birthday for paper. E and I will be celebrating our 'wood' anniversary (5 years) tomorrow. I know birthdays don't have gift themes like anniversaries, but paper seemed to be the theme of my gifts today!
Miss A in Chicago, the apron recipient, sent these scrap packs from PaperSource. Yum. I may have said this before, but I want to live in that shop!
My mom finds the coolest stuff. She knows what I like and finds things I would never come across. Like this sewing pattern stationary. With zipper and button stickers!
I don't think I've mentioned my students much lately, but I have a brag-worthy group right now. I've had most of them for 2 semesters now, and they are unbelievable. Last week, they gave joint presentations with American students in a cross-cultural communication class we attended. How brave of my 5 international students to stand up in front of a room full of Americans and present in a 2nd language (English)! I was amazed at how confident and comfortable they came across--much better than some of the native English speakers! Well, both skilled and very thoughtful, they surprised me with these roses in class.
And finally, a goody for another birthday girl: a package of spicy chocolate cookies for a co-worker whose day is tomorrow. I'm always so inspired by Sally's packaging, so I took some extra time and used some Martha ribbons and new stationary (also from mom).

Thank you to everyone who made today special!


  1. Happy, happy day! Happy Birthday... 28 is a good year!

  2. happy happy birthday dear kayla! we are so close in age + birthday, i had no idea :) hope you had a wonderful day!


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