Saturday, June 16, 2007

apron for A

I just finished up this orange and yellow apron to send to Chicago as a thank you. I hope she likes it. I modeled it after this one I made a while back.
I love the flatware fabric--it's another tea towel I found at Kmart, marked waaay down. And the yellow text fabric is a recent superbuzzy purchase.
I also ordered this floor plan fabric. It is so funny--with its fronto door and creem yollow tied (cream yellow tiled, I guess?) bathroom. I saw it and didn't buy it, went back and didn't buy it, checked yet again and thought it was all gone. When I realized how much I had wanted it, and then was able to find it (it was there all along), I knew I had to have it.

OK, no more [new] fabric purchases for a bit.

Happy Fathers Day!


  1. Fantastic apron! Love the fabrics - and your new one!

  2. Wow, that is the best apron I've ever seen - I just LOVE the fabric combinations - and I never usually like yellow and orange.

  3. i adore the new apron (and all the lovely things you've been up to lately)... you know i heart those colors! i succumbed to that yellow text fabric too :) xo


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