Tuesday, May 8, 2007

windows of my home

I tend to get overly sentimental about silly things. Sometimes, this can be good, like the way I've come to love the little imperfections of our 'lived-in' house. But other times, I know I need to let go but can't. Like our windows--I love the charm of our 1940s wood rope and pulley windows. They let in so much light throughout the day. I'm trying to come to terms with the fact that new ones will be better--energy wise, health wise (no mildew), and just the fact that they will open--and they've already been ordered! BUT I'm really going to miss the one old window next to my side of the bed. It's the only old one that's not painted shut, the one that I've napped next to, relishing in the intense sun and soft breeze coming through it, the one I taught Kobe to jump through before we had a door out back. Yes, the new window will let in light and wind, but there's just something about the giant opening when the window's up and the bits of paint that never got completely scraped off the panes.

Part of getting new windows is pulling down the old mini-blinds, which creates the perfect opportunity to change some of the window treatments. I'm still thinking about Roman shades. My brother-in-law was able to use his old blinds parts to make Roman shades, so maybe I'll do that.
I'm photographing the cracks and (bb?) holes in the old windows--can you tell I'm trying to convince myself they're old and need to go? It's hard to see the hole (up above the street), but I loved the way you can see the reflection of Kobe basking in the sun behind me.

Well, back to enjoying that morning sun before a UV coating blocks it out :)


  1. I never thought about using the guts of the mini blinds to make roman shades. That project is going in my idea book.

  2. You should keep one of the windows and create a collage or something with it and hang it on a wall.

  3. we have old windows too and i love the way the light is shifted when it passes through the old glass panes. they rattle in the wind and i should probably make some draft snakes before next winter but regardless they remain charming to me. all this to say, i know how you feel. i'm sure your new windows will be lovely though. and the picture with kobe is really neat looking.

  4. I hope your new windows still give you that lovely feeling of light and sunshine. I would love to see what you do with the Roman blinds, I liked the idea you wrote about earlier of using a quilt top as part of the blind. The photo with Kobe is wonderful too.

  5. i can see how you are sentimental about the rope pulled windows... those sound fabulous! i get very attached to these sorts of things too. but that said... there is much good about energy efficient windows you can still open :) i loved my old windows in my 100-year-old house in new orleans but they were SO drafty, you could feel every gust of heat or cold outside!


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